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It gives us imense pleasure to present this website in the service of mankind.

We have seen very difficult time during COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the second wave. We all have lost our loved ones, our friends, relatives or some or the other person we know. We have seen people were running here & there to arrange healthcare services, medicines & devices for the use at home to take care of loved ones. It was herculian task and this situation made us feel, the urgent need where people can arrange, buy or rent healthcare supplies at fingertips from nearest distributor or supplier.

On this website, you can find healthcare products, surgical items, things required for elderly people and much more to buy or rent for the use at home.

If you are retailer, distributor or manufacturer, you can register yourself as vendor and post your products for sale or rent. For more details please write us or call on the contact details given

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Wide range of Products with Multiple brands are available for sale or rent, so that you can get the product of desired quality

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You can easily return the products of unwanted nature and get refunds easily

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Get various categories of products such as, Medical, Diagnostics, sanitory use, and much more

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Get Best Deals On Selected Products !

Best Quality Healthcare Products At Affordable Price!

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We bring offer & discount schemes time to time and you can participate & avail heavy discounts on your purchases

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We cater to select cities in Maharashra, Check your pincode for the availability in your city

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We ensure the best quality of products are delivered to your home from worlds leading brands

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Avail huge discounts and offers on shopping with us.

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