Become distributor with us and take your business NATIONWIDE

How it works?


If you are a manufacturer, trader or supplier of healthcare products, equipments which are required for the patient use at home during the time of medical emergency, or for medical or healthcare purpose, You can become a supplier with us & take your business online with us. You can sale or rent out your products, take deposits from the patient for rental products, charge for transportation etc.

  • A valid email address
  • Your Mobile number
  • GSTIN Number
  • Bank Account Details
Setting up store

Once you have successfully created your account, you will have access to HSAH Vendor Setup wizard. 
Once the store is setup you will have access to HSAH Vendor Dashboard, 
You can track & analyze your sales, earnings and orders from this dashboard,
For more help you can click here

Adding your Product

Once your store is approved after validation, You can add your products, manage inventory, process orders and check your payment status and withdraw the amount from this panel

Getting Orders

Your products become live immediately after it is added to store.
There are number of things you can do to attract customers and generate sales for your business.

  • You can set MRP and offer discounts on the product,
  • You can schedule offer period for discounts.
  • You can set image for your product
  • You can tag your products, set visibility, category or create catalogue for your store

It is advised to set a competitive price with a right margine for your self so that your product stands out of crowd over the competitive internet and you get a good business,

Delivery of Products

Once you receive orders for your products, it is displayed on your HSAH Vendor Dashboard, you also get a notification email on your registered email ID. It is advised to arrange for dispatch immediately as you receive the order.

Withdrawal of Payments

You have full control on your account. You can withdraw your money for your vendor dasboard itself.
The order status must be completed for the order which you want to withdraw the amount.

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